When hired to create digital content for you, I am kindly asking to have a look at this document.


1. Please allocate some time to discuss all the necessary details about your event (starting and ending time, duration, etc...).

2. The way the event will happen is crucial information. If you have a plan or a structure for the event, please let me know. If the events can't be predicted or it is missing a structure, also let me know.


1. I work best when untouched and moved with force. If you feel like I'm missing something, let me know by saying it.

2. Please avoid asking me personal opinions about the event or the content of it.


1. I am usually mentioning my delivery time after the event is over. If our agreement is standard, this is usually between 2 and 3 weeks so that you can have the best product quality. You can ask me about the current progress of the product during this period but please for only a few times. In the unlikely event of a delay, I will do everything possible to let you know about the unforeseen situations that is causing the delay. If the product delay causes substantial's inconveniences, you might even get a refund.

2. You have already chosen a plan in which your product will be delivered. If you want features from another plan, you will have to switch the whole plan. Even if you only want only one feature from that plan.

Additionally, before our meeting, also do read the terms and conditions.

Last updated: 08.02.2022 | 00:40 (CET)